Transition Planning
At Seniors North, we help you plan for your future. The better prepared you are, the smoother the
transition will go. Don’t wait for a crisis! Our team of compassionate employees help you develop a
plan and give you the tools and resources to make the right decisions for your needs. We support you
through the system and take you to see a variety of accommodations to allow you to make informed
choices. You are in charge of your life and we are there to guide you.

Downsizing and letting go of your belongings is an emotional experience. The Seniors North team takes
the stress out of the process and supports you on a physical and emotional level. Together, we help you
sort, pack, decide what you want to bring to your next home, the items you want to donate to your
favourite charity, the belongings you want to give to family and friends and the stuff you want to get rid of.
We make it fun by reminiscing about the good times and the memories you have of your home. We
clean and prepare your house ensuring it is ready to be sold quickly.

Move Management
Moving day can be a challenging experience. There are many things to think about. We ease the
process by doing last minute packing, cleaning and overseeing the movers.

Settling and adjusting to your new home takes time. We help you by unpacking your belongings,
setting up your electronics, making your bed, hanging pictures and anything else that will make you
comfortable. We offer companionship visits to continue providing guidance and emotional support
along the way.

Emotional and Grief Support
Are you having a difficult time dealing with a loss? We are here to listen and give you the tools you need
to release your emotions in a healthy way. Book a one-on-one session to discuss your needs.

Knowledge is power! At Seniors North, we give you the education you need to make the right choices.
We offer presentations, classes and workshops on a variety of subjects pertaining to life and death.
We design a presentation or workshop to meet your needs.

We will customize your package to suit your needs.

Have a question? We’re here to help.

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